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2022-07-14 20:40:42
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Pay by link, by its name, is a payment method that utilizes secure links to transfer and receive payments.

It’s one of the available digital payment methods of SwiftPay to let merchants, with no website checkout page, receive online payments from their customers. 

How Does the Pay by Link Works?

For merchants:

  1. Generate your payment link (that you can customize for branding)
  2. Send it to your customer

For customers:

It’s basically the same as the steps in this video except that your Step 1 will be to click the link from the merchant. 👌

SwiftPay Pay by Link Benefits

  1. Simpler payment process
  2. Hosts secure payments
  3. Allows for digital footprint of transactions for easier tracking
  4. Entirely digital process without the need of paper bills
  5. Generated link can be customized for store branding
  6. No coding experience is required to use it for the business
  7. Gives better customer experience

Get Your Free Demo and Set Up

If you’re a merchant and you’d like to give this smooth payment experience for your shoppers, you can schedule a free product demo through this online form. Our team will also do the set up and activation for you at no cost.

Get to know more about SwiftPay by reading our FAQ. You can also checkout our SwiftStakes promotion for merchants on social media by following @swiftpayph on Facebook and Instagram. Through our SwiftStakes promo, we hold a monthly raffle to incentivize the shoppers of our partner merchants. For more information, visit our promo page.

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Start Your Store

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