Accept online payments directly from bank accounts

  • 35+
    Banks included

  • Regulated by BSP
  • 1.5k
    Shops onboard

Enable online bank transfer payments on your checkout page

With SwiftPay people can use their already existing savings account to trigger instant online payments directly on your website. More banks and payment options are coming soon.

Let 9M+ Filipinos pay online without cards or e-wallets

Distribution of cards will still take time. Prepaid e-wallets are mostly zero-balance accounts. There is no better source of payment than a customer’s main savings account.

See how online
direct bank transfer work

Payment with mobile banking
(1-click payment)

Payment w/out mobile banking
(2-clicks payment)

First-time registration
(via bank account)

Lower processing fees
and enjoy 24h settlement

Average fee for a card payment

Fee for the SwiftPay payment

Save up to 30% on transaction fees

Ready to boost your business?

See how to enable SwiftPay on your website: