Accept online payments directly from bank accounts

  • 35+
    Banks included

  • Regulated by BSP
  • 1.5k
    Shops onboard

Add 35+ Philippine Banks to your checkout page

With SwiftPay people can use their already existing savings account
to trigger instant online payments directly on your website

Let 9M+ Filipinos pay online without cards or e-wallets

Distribution of cards will still take time. Prepaid e-wallets are mostly zero-balance accounts. There is no better source of payment than a customer’s main savings account.

See how online
direct bank transfer work

Payment with mobile banking
(1-click payment)

Payment w/out mobile banking
(2-clicks payment)

First-time registration
(via bank account)

Lower processing fees
and enjoy 24h settlement

Average fee for a card payment

Fee for the SwiftPay payment

Save up to 30% on transaction fees

Ready to boost your business?

See how to enable SwiftPay on your website:

  • woocemmerce
  • shopify
  • custom SDK