Frequently asked questions

What is SwiftPay?
SwiftPay is a payment gateway that allows e-commerce businesses or online stores to easily accept digital payments through online bank transfer that instantly debits their customer’s savings account.
How does SwiftPay work?
SwiftPay works by adding a plugin to your e-store’s checkout page that will let your business start accepting payments. Your customers can pay by choosing their bank, entering their credentials, and selecting the bank savings account they want to debit. And that’s it! Your account is credited after the customer’s account has been debited.
How can I contact you? What's your number?
Thank you for reaching out to us. We are here to help weekdays 9AM - 5PM. You can also sign up and/or schedule a product demo at no cost by contacting Mike from Sales at +63 960 890 9167.
Is SwiftPay regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)?
Yes. Swiftpay is regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and is an officially registered operator of payment systems (OPS) under the Republic Act No. 11127, or the National Payment Systems Act (NPSA).
What are the main benefits for merchants using SwiftPay as a payment gateway?
SwiftPay provides several benefits, but the main ones are:
  • Simplified and faster checkout process to let your customers pay instantly without leaving your website
  • Usable by over 5 million Filipinos who are able to pay online with their bank savings account
  • 50% lower payment processing fees compared to other payment gateways available in the Philippines
  • Digitized record of transactions through daily settlement reports
Are there fees that merchants need to pay to set up and start using SwiftPay?
None. There are no fees when it comes to setting up SwiftPay. We charge zero registration fee, and our team will do the installation and implementation for free with no hidden charges.
How long does it take to install and activate SwiftPay on my website?
It will only take a few minutes because we have a plug-and-play technology that does not require IT knowledge so that SwiftPay can be installed on most e-commerce platforms by just activating its plugin.

For detailed instructions on how to do it on Shopify or WooCommerce, please navigate to

In case you use an e-commerce platform that we do not support yet, you can still integrate with us using SDKs and APIs that we provide. If you use a custom solution, the installation process will take more time. For more details, please go to our homepage at
I already have a payment gateway installed. Do I need another one?
You can set up several payment gateways in your e-store, and we will even help you with this.

With SwiftPay, you have an additional payment method that empowers your customers who are more comfortable paying in cash vs. credit — but this time, they’ll be able to do it paperless by paying digitally from their bank accounts.
Is SwiftPay like an e-wallet with money-storage capacity?
No. Swiftpay is a payment gateway and not an e-wallet. We bridge transfers directly from the shopper’s bank account to your business’ bank account.

Meanwhile, an e-wallet lets one store funds but may come with more transfer fees.
How fast is payment received from the shopper's account to the merchant’s account with SwiftPay?
90% of transactions are guaranteed to be reconciled within 24 hours due to our built-in automated settlement system. For the remainder, SwiftPay reserves the right to process it slightly slower in order to carefully review possible suspicious transactions and make sure that your money is safe and secure.
Can I keep track of settlements made with SwiftPay to check if everything is accurate?
Yes. Our merchants will receive a settlement report showing all the transactions processed via Swiftpay on a daily basis, which can be used to compare with the transactions recorded in their stores.

Please note that services offered by SwiftPay are regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. We are an official payment systems operator (OPS) under Republic Act No. 11127, or National Payment Systems Act (NPSA).
Most of my customers pay in cash. What can SwiftPay offer me?
SwiftPay will power your store to accept online payments that have become the safest and most convenient form of transaction in this pandemic. This will let over 5 million potential customers connected to SwiftPay, shop and pay digitally in your e-store, giving favorable client experience that will encourage repeat purchases. And because transactions happen online, payments are credited to your bank account in 24 hours, with no unnecessary waiting time.
Will installing SwiftPay change anything in my e-store?
SwiftPay’s plugin only extends to your e-store’s checkout page by appending an additional payment form and nothing else.
Can I cancel and replace SwiftPay in my e-store in case that I'm not satisfied?
Yes. Our merchants may choose to cancel SwiftPay at any time without paying any fee. While this has never happened, we encourage all merchant partners to email us if they have any concerns because the team will attend to them and resolve the relayed issues.
How many years of experience does your company have?
Swift Technology Ventures Inc. is a new and independent entity built in 2021. But this is managed by the same team of its sister companies Miquido and Nextbank, which are both well-established companies operating in the Philippine financial market since 2011, in providing high quality cloud-based solutions for local banks, lending institutions, cooperatives, and pawnshops.
How do you verify merchants who would like to use SwiftPay?
Before activating the SwiftPay plugin in an online store, a partner merchant must undergo a standard e-KYC (Know Your Customer) process required of FinTech operators by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

The information collected will only be used to verify the identity of the business owner and will otherwise be kept confidential as covered by our Privacy and Non-Disclosure Agreement.

You may read about the benefits and importance of the KYC process here.
Does SwiftPay work in countries outside the Philippines?
Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. SwiftPay only supports payments within the Philippines.
I don't see the question I want to ask in the FAQ list. Where can I send my inquiry?
You can send your question through the contact form on our website that you can access by clicking the “Help” pop-up button. Alternatively, you can also email your question to
Can I request a loan of money/charity support?
We are not a loan business or a charity. SwiftPay is digital payment gateway for online businesses here in the Philippines.
How do I pay for the first time using SwiftPay?
First-time users will need to register a SwiftPay account, activate it, and link it with their bank savings account. Once done, they are ready to complete online purchases in one or two click payments, depending on the interface of the bank they use.
How do I pay for my succeeding purchases using SwiftPay after I have an active account?
Every succeeding payment after account activation will simply require one to two clicks to be completed.
  • One-click payments apply to banks that integrated SwiftPay into their mobile banking app. The user just needs to click the "Pay" button in the store that will launch a popup with transaction details for confirmation in the mobile banking app.
  • Two-click payments apply to banks that haven’t integrated SwiftPay into their mobile banking app. The user will need to log in to the SwiftPay account first and confirm the transaction using a one-time password (OTP) sent to the registered mobile number.
Is it safe to use SwiftPay?
Yes, SwiftPay is safe to use. We are regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. We are an officially registered operator of payment systems (OPS) under the Republic Act No. 11127, or the National Payment Systems Act (NPSA).

Furthermore, we authenticate the identity and legitimacy of partner merchants to ensure secure digital transactions. This pre-activation process requires all merchants to provide identifying information for verification. The guidelines for this process are outlined by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and are requirements for all FinTech companies operating in the Philippines.
Is SwiftPay available 24/7?
Yes. SwiftPay’s service is active 24 hours a day, full week. However, SwiftPay requires your bank systems to be online, so please consider the maintenance and other downtime schedules defined by your preferred bank.
Can I pay via SwiftPay if I don't have a credit or debit card?
Yes. This is the main use of SwiftPay at the moment. It will let you use your existing savings account to complete online payments instantly. No credit or debit card is required.
I'm a shopper. What are the fees for paying through SwiftPay?
None. Shoppers do not get charged with any fee. Fees are covered by the merchant or the online store.
Where can I check my payment status?
Shoppers or payers can check the payment status through the email notifications we send when a transfer is initiated using SwiftPay. The first one is sent once the payment starts to be processed and the second one is sent after it is completed. Alternatively, shoppers should be able to check the payment status on the e-store website or any email confirmation sent by the merchant independently.
The funds are debited from my account, but I have no updates regarding my order. What should I do now?
We suggest for users to contact the customer support of the merchant or e-store. You can send the concerned merchant the electronic banking statement as proof of payment. But if you also need us to generate a payment confirmation for you to present, you can request this to our customer service at
My transaction is declined. What does it mean?
Transactions that used bank accounts with insufficient funds are automatically declined. But you may retry the payment transfer once it has adequate funds. If this still fails, please contact our support at
How do I cancel a transfer? Can the money be returned to my account?
SwiftPay does not hold the right to process refunds for any purchase made with our partner merchants. After a successful payment, your money is instantly credited to the store's account and the merchant holds the right to grant your refund request. In this situation, please directly contact the customer support of the store.
I did not complete the payment even after receiving an email notification. Will my bank account still be debited?
No. SwiftPay will not debit your bank account for an incomplete payment. We send a notification each time you start a payment and another one when it has been completed in order to give a clear digital footprint of the money transfer. Rest assured that your bank account will never unexpectedly get charged for incomplete and unconfirmed payments.
My preferred bank is not a partner bank of SwiftPay. What can I do?
You will not be able to use SwiftPay in this case. But please note that we are gradually expanding the network of banks that support our payment system. It will also help us a lot if you can suggest our service through the feedback and suggestion surveys of your bank. You can also let us know what your preferred bank is through the "Help" pop-up form on the website.
How can I send my other questions about product details, delivery, merchandise claims, and more?
For these types of inquiries, we kindly request for you to directly contact the e-store where you made the purchase. SwiftPay only acts as a payment intermediary to transfer the funds, but we do not mediate about orders, refunds, logistics, or any other merchant service.

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