4 Ways to Nail E-commerce Success Differently

2021-12-16 18:46:27
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It’s December and ’tis the e-commerce season as online sales happen left and right. Since the pandemic began, more shoppers and sellers have moved to the online marketplace.

E-commerce Growth in the Philippines

Data by NielsenIQ shows a dramatic 325% increase on online shopping in the Philippines. In fact, Filipinos are expected to shop online even post-pandemic as they have become more familiar of the digital marketplace.

With this, retailers must optimize their customer journey for the demands of online consumers who browse and purchase literally with just a few taps.

An Alternative Guide for Online Selling Success

For most brands, sales can peak during the holidays. But it’s best to be prepared full year given that online purchases can happen anytime and anywhere. You probably have already researched a lot of e-commerce tips that also brought you here. This is why we put together other less-discussed pointers that can make your brand digitally competitive in the e-commerce landscape yearlong.

  • Use data to guide your offers and promotions

Data gives rich information. Transaction and sales data give insights about your best sellers, weak items, peak and slow months, your customer’s shopping habits, and the payment methods they prefer. Use it to customize your sales and marketing efforts.

  • Also sell on your brand website and not just on the e-marketplace

Selling directly on your website makes sure that your shoppers purchase your items and not your competitor’s. To encourage shoppers to directly buy from your website, you can offer discounts exclusive to your brand website shoppers.

From the back end of your website, make sure it is mobile ready. You should also check its traffic capacity to see if it’s ready for visit surges during shopping seasons.

  • Optimize your payment security

With the increasing instances of online fraud today, every business should double down on the security of their transactions. If you have any relevant anti-fraud data, mention it in your FAQs. Also check if it has a valid security certificate, displayed through a padlock icon next to your website’s address. You can also publicly announce security updates on social media as this will help build the trust of your customers.

  • Optional: Build virtual services

An example of this is a virtual clothing try-on feature that lets shoppers virtually try how garments fit through 3D body scanning and AR technology. This kind of service helps pique curiosity and also improves customer experience. Fresh features like this will entice web visits or app installs, giving you more chance to market your products to your online visitors.

Enabling Digital Payments for Your Store With SwiftPay

There are many e-commerce tips abound because it has indeed become a preferred channel for retailers. One of the first steps of being e-commerce ready is to enable digital payments for the convenience of your shoppers.

It is important to partner with a digital payment gateway to make sure that your business is ready to accept e-payments. We can help your brand be e-commerce ready anytime. Read more about us here or sign up for a free product demo through this form.

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