How to Write Effective Product Titles and Descriptions

2021-06-08 14:34:03
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Ecommerce and online business owners face a tough marketplace with stiff competition and one of the best ways to stand out is writing effective product titles and descriptions. If your online store is new, chances are the product title will be the first thing that customer sees and the first impression always last in ecommerce.

The Importance of Accurate Product Titles and Descriptions – Ecommerce

Product tiles are very important because it helps users find your product from your online store. Your product titles are the first thing that appears during a search inside your online store, an online marketplace, or even in big search engines like Google or Bing. 

Once your customers are drawn in with your brief and accurate product descriptions, the next step is to convince them to buy the product you are selling through product descriptions that convey meaningful information to your online store visitors

What is a Product Title – Ecommerce

A product title provides a brief description of a specific product in your online store. The challenge in creating product descriptions is keeping them brief yet making them descriptive. Google, social media platforms and most online selling platforms provide strict limits on how long a product title is and in most cases is limited from 1 to 150 characters.

What is a Product Description – Ecommerce

Your production description can potentially make or break a sale in your online store. Basically, your product titles help attract visitors to your product and your product description helps turn those visitors into customers. Most platforms for online businesses have a 1-5000 character limit on product descriptions. 

Creating the Perfect Product Titles and Descriptions

The most important thing in creating a product title and product description is to provide the most accurate information about the product that you are selling. The challenging part is creating them that allows you to stand out from your competitors without overselling your product or using false advertisements.

Creating The Perfect Product Title

One of the top challenges for Ecommerce and online businesses is the tough competition with more than at least 10 competitors selling the same product. One of the best ways to stand out aside from slashing your prices that can potentially cut into your profit is to create a product title that immediately attracts visitors and builds trust. 

The first step is to familiarize yourself with the product, its brand name, exact model, functions, and unique features. One of the most important limitations for the title tag is the maximum character limit of 150 characters. The best title tags only have at least 60-80 characters that include the brand name, model name, and a small phrase that describes its use. One of the best ways to find out what to add after the brand and model name is to find out which keywords are being used the most for that specific product.

In the example, You see the Brand name, exact model, its function, and basic spec.

  • Brand name: Asus
  • Model name: Zenbook 13
  • Brief Product Description: Ultra-Slim Laptop 13.3” Full HD Nano Edge

The keyword that is added to the product title is “Ultra Slim Laptop”, this also helps users who are searching for “Ultra Slip Laptop” find your product whenever they use search engines. The keywords need to be descriptive and informative at the same time. Keywords also help you differentiate yourself from competitors who are also selling the same products so always choose the most simple but descriptive keywords as much as possible.

You clearly see that if you write more than 80 characters the rest of the product title is not visible in search results both in a store and even on the search engine results page.

For specific items like shoes, clothing, fashion items, and jewelry it is important to indicate who the product is for. 

When writing the product titles always ensure that you are using the correct spelling of the product name and use correct grammar. Misspellings and incorrect grammar can potentially turn off customers and ruin the credibility of your online store.

The format is also important like capitalizing the first letter of each word and using proper spacing to make the title pleasing to look at and easy to read.

Once you have written your product title, the next step is to choose product pictures that go with your title tag. 

Things to Avoid in Product Titles

  • Generic product descriptions
  • Using uppercase or ALL CAPS in the product title
  • Extra white spaces
  • Unnecessary symbols and characters
  • Too much marketing and promotional messaging

Key Best Practices

  • Stay within 60-80 characters
  • Make it easy to read without stuffing too many unnecessary keywords
  • Choose the right keywords for your product; brand name, product name, and features
  • Always highlight the most important details first

Creating the Perfect Product Descriptions

Once people are drawn into your products by your product titles or directly through the product page, the next thing they meet is the product description. Product descriptions simply describe the product that you are selling but because of hundreds of sellers who are selling the same product, it can be difficult to stand out. 

The product description is to help potential buyers with their decision-making process with the end goal ending in a sale for you and your online business. Your product description should address the customer’s questions and highlight product benefits, features, specifications, and more.

Building your product description can be tricky because you have to correctly structure the product details without overwhelming customers with too much product information. The information structure follows closely with the product title but you have the added ability to add up to 5000 characters.

Structuring The Product Description

  1. Introduction

This section provides a brief introduction of the product containing the brand name, model name, and important features. This section will act as a summary of the product you are intending to sell. We recommend that you include the exact product number especially for tech products that have multiple configurations like laptops and cellphones.

  1. The Product in detail

This section describes the product in detail from the size, color shape, and more. Always be specific in the details and avoid using too much fluff or extra words. Always include the technical specification of products especially for tech products so buyers can manage their expectations when they get your products.

  1. Key Product Details
  • Key Features
  • Technical Specification
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Texture
  • Material
  • Intended Users (age range, demographics)

The example highlights the technical specification of the product first so buyers will know exactly what they are getting. The next section describes the product in detail and also provides useful information and highlights special features like “military-grade” durability and the “larger 90Wh Battery.”

Product descriptions should also include the advantages that the product provides like the laptop allows the user to do “gaming, streaming, and heavy-duty multitasking.” This is extremely useful for buyers who are deciding on which exact product to buy.

Things to Avoid Using in Product Descriptions

  • Generic product descriptions
  • Copied product descriptions from competitors
  • Foreign characters
  • Gimmicky phrases
  • Product comparisons
  • Too much promotional text
  • Excessive punctuations 
  • Keyword stuffing

Product Description Best Practices

  • Be specific and accurate
  • Follow correct grammar and spelling
  • Apply correct spacing to make it easier to read
  • Add professional images of the product
  • Include multiple images, especially for products with different colors or specification
  • Use the right keywords that are contextual and relevant to the product

Final Thoughts – Ecommerce

When it comes to writing product titles and descriptions, always be direct, accurate, and straight to the point. You can leave the fluff and marketing piece in your blogs or advertisements. Your product titles should accurately describe at a glance, and your product description should provide the right information to customers to help them decide on buying your product. Product titles and product descriptions can play a large role in increasing website traffic and most important conversions that translate to sales for your Ecommerce and online business so always take time to write informative titles and descriptions of all the products that you are selling on your Ecommerce and online business.

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