Valentine's Gift Ideas: What Sells

2022-02-11 21:22:57
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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means that many are scrambling for last-minute gifts for their loved ones. On the other side, this also also gives good opportunity for sellers to earn more during this season.

Valentine’s Day History

This tradition of gift-giving every February 14 has both Christian and ancient Roman origins. One account is that of the story of a Catholic priest, St. Valentine who defied Emperor Claudius II in the 3rd century. The emperor outlawed marriages among young people because he believed that single men made better soldiers. The then young priest Valentine saw this as unjust and began secretly performing wedding rites. Two centuries later, Pope Gelasius proclaimed February 14th as St. Valentine’s feast day. To this day, we continue to honor Saint Valentine by expressing our love for partners, family, and friends.

Expressing Love by Gift Giving

Celebrating the love month with a gift shows how much you care and value their presence in your life. We are sharing here a Valentine gift cheat sheet that both shoppers and sellers can take cue from.

While you may not want to go all out this year due to the current situation, it’s great to surprise loved ones with thoughtful, easy-to-find items that you know they will appreciate.

Gift for Partner

  • Massager

The best gifts are, of course, those that can be shared with the gift-giver or can even be used together. Enjoy relaxing at home and rekindle that romance.

  • Cozy Robe or Pajama Set

Nowadays, date nights call for staying in, binge-watching, comfort food, and a glass of wine or two! While you both relax and get comfortable with luxurious and comfortable sleepwear, you have an excuse to wear matching outfits.

Gift for Mom

  • Assorted Tea Gift Set

Tea gift sets usually come in pretty wrappings. Some tea selections are even customizable to your preference.

  • Jewelry Case

It’s not just a functional Valentine’s Day gift; it also doubles as a charming décor for mom’s nightstand or vanity desk. It has compartments for earrings, necklaces, rings, and other trinkets.

Gift for Dad

  • Shaving Kit

A toiletry shave kit is a good option to make grooming a little less like a chore to do. It is also a worthwhile investment even if it’s not used daily. 

  • Portable Espresso Machine

A mini espresso maker is a great Valentine gift for a coffee enthusiast dad. He can enjoy a delicious espresso anytime, anywhere.

Gift for Bestie

  • Scented candle

A fragrant candle is always a treat to receive. It helps unwind with calming energy after a stressful day. It’s a fail-safe gift that evokes a luxurious feel without breaking the bank.

  • Bath Gift Set 

You can never go wrong with a collection of bath soaps, shower gels, and bath essentials. It’s like a home kit that can turn an ordinary day into a pampering spa day.

How Sellers Can Make the Most Out of the Valentine’s Season

Highlighting gift items suitable for the season is an effective way to entice customers to shop. A wide merchandise selection for every season will make your store a one-stop-shop for the best gift ideas for every season. Visit Swift pay’s blog for more tips and ideas to optimize sales. 

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  • Product Management
  • Sales & Marketing

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